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Recently I went to SAScon – a new search marketing and analytics conference in Manchester at Bridgewater Hall – which is hugely interesting for me as someone who works in integrated SEO and PR. There’s so many search marketing, digital and social media companies in Manchester it’s important to show the world we don’t need to go to London for events like this. It was incredibly successful, apart from the Bridgewater Hall hadn’t anticipated the influx of geeks and their broadband crashed pretty quickly!

There were some great speakers, some even flying in from Europe, and the key note speaker was Bruce Daisley, from You Tube. Considering the video streaming company is only five years old, they have grown in size and influence beyond belief.

He said video is now one third of all traffic, but by 2013 it’s predicted to be 90%. In terms of marketing, video is already massive and is only going to get stronger. However, with more and more content being added, it’s going to be crucial to have quality and be able to stand out from the crowd.

Interestingly, Bruce also said that people are sharing video clips to convey emotion. They might send a friend a funny clip to cheer them up or to say Happy Birthday. I think this was a great insight in terms of PR and marketing.

There was a really useful session on using social media in the corporate world. Some of the more important things to come out of the discussion were:
– Make sure it’s relevant, don’t have a Facebook page for the sake of it.
– Make sure it’s written into the overall marketing strategy to ensure consistency in messages and branding.
– Top manager should understand the social media tools and why they’re being used.
– Look at economies for future. For example, one tweet could make one happy customer but is this economic?
– Some of the panel said they could envisage call centre style ‘Twitter centres’.

You can find full reports on the blog posts I wrote for the SAScon blog.

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